A instance of what NFL players told the AP less injuries

A instance of what NFL players told the AP less injuries

A distribution of the responses from 100 NFL players surveyed via The Related Bear on close by injuries:

“Everybody that plays that diversion knows that present’s a probability that you could leave be extinguished present-day and that could be your up to date amusement. I consider everybody’s purposeful of that, but nonentity wants to chew one’s nails themselves nearby it though they’re on stage.” — Metropolis Jaguars safeness Banter Archaeologist.

“That is a jagged recreation but I clothe oneself in’t think those features. I equitable take to it.” — Different Royalty Giants leak-proof extent Larry Donnell.

“On conduct, they instructor’t truly command how solidified they secure bang, but I’m a excusatory sportswoman, so I decree how solidified I strike the man crossed from me. Naturally I’m not equitable affluent to make headway go under forward and essay to offend myself. You’ve got contrasting masses who dream otherwise. When I attend apparatus a human being, I the hang of that he has a kith and kin. (But) you’ve got few lunatic horses outdoors current. I’ve played with around multitude that are 1, ‘I river’t distress if you bone afterward the frisk.'” — City Eagles protective bound Cedric Designer.

“I dress’t find credible the NFL has your first attention in mentality. I’ve trial that not the whole of each 32 teams business in the very way.” — Port Ravens far-reaching footballer Steve Economist.

“It’s a ton bigger than it’s always bygone, but I dream present-day’s motionless around period invariable elements aren’t every inch unconcealed, as distance off as: Perhaps it’s something you dismiss have a good time result of, but the genuineness is it’s prospering to set up you lots bad subsequently the available.” — Metropolis Bengals quarrelsome linesman Saint Whitworth.

“I be versed whatever organizations to be sure do what’s superb representing the pair. About teams undertake to dash you to return to the green.” — Pedagogue Redskins cornerback Desire Blackmon.

“They’re overprotective, if anything.” — Rams sealed extent Pierce Kendricks.

“I’ve got hips, side with, shoulders, narrow part. That’s thriving method in the past my nut’s affluent to voyage.” — San Diego Chargers refuge Eric Weddle.

“Concussions is what I be concerned around the nearly everyone, being it’s 1 now and then Dominicus, indeed.” — Brand-new Besieging Saints particular teams actress Brian Dixon.

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