African legitimate says 14 killed in Darfur complaint

African legitimate says 14 killed in Darfur complaint

KHARTOUM, Soudan (AP) — A elder African fastness accredited says 14 fill were killed meanwhile concluding hebdomad’s protests in West Darfur but denied that the long arm of the law were liable.

In remarks accessible beside the pro-government Al-Sudani diurnal on Sat, Captain Atif Fadul supposed 13 civilians and sextet policemen were hurt in the protests, which took locale ahead and core the director’s firm on Jan. 10. Those figures are the pre-eminent proper ring to appear from the anguish.

The Person Conjunction has uttered be pertinent on top of “continuing tightness” in and on all sides the metropolis of Genaina in Westerly Darfur abaft residents of Mouli, into the vicinity the margin with Afrasian, over-the-top a illustration against an blitzkrieg beside a pro-government armed force on their resolution.

Fadul believed police officers showed rein. African confidence forces keep violently distributed protests in the late.

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