Charter flights, their advantage

       Air transport is one of the most promising and convenient in the transportation of both passengers and cargo. Today, so that you can quickly get to anywhere in the country and the world, it is most profitable to take a flight in the desired direction. But in order not to wait for the plane on schedule, you can order a flight in the desired direction. To do this, it is enough to contact the airline that is engaged in passenger services and air cargo transportation.

        What is charter flights, is described in detail by the company “Exotic Journey”, this is the company’s website. A charter flight, in simple words, can be called an off-schedule flight. It is not a scheduled service for passenger or freight. This is a special flight that performs a specific task.

       A good example is the situation when tourists are transported by air in different directions. Thus, tourist operators form a group of tourists who go to a resort or a tourist trip. In this case, a separate flight is ordered with the departure of passengers in the desired direction and back.

       Of course, in this case, the cost of the air ticket is included in the travel package of services, therefore, it does not have to be purchased additionally, it is provided during the registration of the travel package.

       Also, in air cargo transportation, there is such a thing as charter flights, this is when the cargo is not sent by a scheduled flight, but an air vehicle is specially rented to send the cargo. The company that orders a charter flight pays all the costs of the flight in full, and also pays the full commercial cost of the aircraft lease.

       The disadvantage of charter flights is their high cost. But, as in the situation with a group of tourists, also when sending special cargo, this is the best option for using the vehicle.

      Despite the fact that charter flights are fully paid for by companies that book an air flight in the desired direction, depending on the load of the vehicle, the owner of the aircraft may carry additional passengers or cargo on the charter flight. The money raised for additional sales goes to the full disposal of transport companies that operate charter flights by plane.



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