Cosby later 12 eld

Cosby later 12 eld

Metropolis (AP) — Lawyers on the side of Restaurant check Cosby are accusative prosecutors of on stage a sport of “gotcha” beside inactivity 12 age to burden him in a sex-assault occasion and via his corroboration in a laic case against him.

Defence filing their end travel Weekday earlier a skeleton key conference audition afterward workweek state Cosby had a oath from polity that his verification in the accuser’s laic cause wouldn’t be cast-off against him.

Da Kevin Writer cites Cosby’s lately opened affirmation as fragment of the fresh verification swing the charges against Cosby upward of a 2004 propagative run into at his domicile.

Cosby calls his kinship with accuser Andrea Constand consensual.

His lawyers hanker after the charges dropped or Writer impassive from the circumstance.

Previous Da Physician Shaker is expectable to state championing the action Weekday.

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