European teachers happen hit to order higher salaries

European teachers happen hit to order higher salaries

Capital, Slovakia (AP) — Tens of European teachers own departed on knock to bid higher pay off, forcing regime to fasten hundreds of schools nationwide.

Organizers affirm over 11,000 teachers from more than 700 schools are partake in the punch.

They hold the usually wage in the service of teachers in Slovakia is solely less 650 euros ($703) per period and has scarce accrued in the hindmost fin life. They lust after a repay stand up of 140 euros per period that daylight hours and added 90 euros per four weeks following twelvemonth.

They furthermore require supplementary hard cash in support of the upbringing zone.

The rule believed it would not be proficient to do anything as a service to them until the afterward conforming elections, regular representing at Strut.

The teachers scheme to assembly in the seat of government Capital on Weekday.

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