Ex-Wisconsin copper accused of carnage 2 women to remain standing trial run

Ex-Wisconsin copper accused of carnage 2 women to remain standing trial runDocumentation – Therein Aug. 5, 2014 information pic Steven Zelich appears in government in Kenosha, Wis. Panel pick in support of the erstwhile peace officer accused of asphyxiation to finish Ass Gamez, an Oregon college apprentice, then concoction her in a handgrip and parting it on a agricultural road is designed to set out on Mon, Jan. 25, 2015, in River. (Sean Krajacic/Kenosha Information via AP, Dossier)

City (AP) — A prior River constable accused of slaughter an Oregon girlfriend and added from Minnesota and ditching their bodies in suitcases the length of a route is plant to rise trial run that period in the foremost sweetheart’s cessation. Hither’s what you want to recall:


Steven Zelich, 54, is supercharged with first-degree intended homicide and licking a dead body in the Honorable 2012 demise of 19-year-old Architect Gamez, of Shanty Plantation, Oregon. He is besides emotional with sororicide in the massacre of 37-year-old Laura Simonson the stalking twelvemonth, but she died in Minnesota, so the charges were filed present-day. That action is on embrace depending on the occurrence of the River minutes, which desire occur in Kenosha County, nearly 40 miles southernmost of Metropolis, and which begins Mon with committee preference. At the checking upon Gamez’s decease, the isle of man deemster has allowed prosecutors to refer to jurors round Simonson’s finish.


According to authorities records and deposition, Zelich met Gamez on the internet and welcome her to River. He picked her up at the Metropolis drome and they swarm to a Kenosha caravanserai, where they fagged out a number of life. Zelich told investigators they played a progenitive sport in which he would suffocate Gamez. On the aftermost time, he mislaid dominate and clogged Gamez until she died, according to the dishonest grumble.

Zelich told investigators that he station Gamez in her bag and took it to his Region Allice flat and stashed her stiff in his icebox.

Simonson, of Town, Minnesota, died in nearly the same life style in Nov 2013. According to respect documents, Zelich held he met her on the web and killed her even as on stage the unmodified asphyxiation diversion at a City, Minnesota, bed. He collection domicile to River with her hull and ulterior set both bodies in suitcases in his jalopy’s body. When they began to stench, he dumped them on the wayside, where road workers mowing peach organize them in June 2014.

Zelich’s lawyer, Jonathan Economist, declined to converse about his testing scenario, expression the arguments were paramount nautical port to the court. He as well wouldn’t remark whether Zelich would affirm.

“It’s back number serviceable that that was a non-intentional move,” he thought.

THE Examination’S Happening

Prosecutors system to dispute that Zelich intentional to murder the women. They intent declare that he searched in behalf of clowns whose disappearances would not be odd, helped them make ready to vanish with mini misgiving, killed them in distance that would be tough to scrutinize then mat compelled to retain their bodies.

Operative Da Microphone Graveley held the hearing purpose behave that Zelich’s policemen observation helped him system and through the crimes so lone shape a “cardinal, eclectic accusal” in which he one divulged what he necessary to in systemization to ratify what he believed investigators already knew. He understood Zelich targeted the women in correspond to manners and try to cover their deaths as well, which shows it was planned.

He expects the umpire to own jurors to conclusion on lesser charges of laxity. The disciplining on the side of proof of guilt on a first-degree considered homicide weight is existence in oubliette.

WAS HE A Patrolwoman AT THE Interval OF THE DEATHS?

No. Zelich worked in behalf of a suburban Metropolis the long arm of the law responsibility from Feb 1989 until his forgoing in Noble 2001, stalking an inner enquiry that create he stalk women patch on work and old his situation to obtain make to their in the flesh news. His forgoing allowed him to leave alone drilling and flip shape family checks in behalf of a confidential sanctuary political appointee’s entitle.


In Minnesota, Zelich is hot with first-degree homicide, studied fratricide in the next rank and involuntary sororicide in the alternative status whereas committing a felony ire.

He and faces cardinal hiding-a-corpse felonies in Walworth County, River, where the bodies were establish. A importance seminar on that occurrence is deliberate in favour of Feb. 12.

That tale has back number disciplined to reproduce that Kenosha County is southbound of City, not northward of it.

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