Examination starts into great blaze at Town stockyard

Examination starts into great blaze at Town stockyard

Concord, Ky. (AP) — Investigators claim they are interviewing witnesses to a huge feeling that annihilated a beef bridge calling in Kentucky.

City Passion Division spokesman Joe First thought Dominicus that it’s excessively betimes to adjudge the prime mover of the feeling. The outburst Weekday annihilated cardinal demesne of the stockyards operated by means of the Bluegrass Cattle Selling Gathering. No individual was bruised. The flames additionally exhausted a handful about businesses.

Finest says officials are interviewing trade owners and others.

The fervour churned up a feel of compact, sooty fume that darkened the skies in behalf of miles. Superior says firefighters continuing locate gone from murky scorching symptom on Dominicus when puffy winds picked up.

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