Farmington – the largest and easiest crop

A great farming simulator packed full of unique features has recently been released and fans of the genre have plenty of reasons to install this game – Farmington.

The farming genre is currently one of the most popular mobile game categories, and some of its best titles provide a uniquely relaxing and cozy effect.

Although the developers of this game, like many other farm developers, were inspired by Hay Day and its farming gameplay, the new Farmington game offers some new distinct features that set it apart from the competition. Farmington is a game that offers a unique approach to farming simulations. The player plants and grows crops like in other games, but here the player is offered whole strategies of action to improve his balance and experience in the game. Clubs of friends, a cargo drone, competitions between clubs and many other mechanics allow you to get carried away with the game for a long time and seriously.

By fulfilling the orders of real neighbors – other players – the player acquires allies with whom he can move faster in the game. You can visit the farms of neighbors, moving in space, and help with the housework there.

The game has many charismatic characters, as well as holidays and seasonal festivals which offer unique quests and tasks.

Farmington is one of the most entertaining farming games ever. While this sets the bar too high for the game, many fans note that it creates a cozy and relaxed atmosphere that everyone will enjoy.

At the same time, playing Farmington Farm you will get an experience based on enjoying the unique artistic style, closeness to nature and comfort.

The game is available on Google Play ( and the Apple App Store (

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