Gallic crowd to distend in the service of the 1st term in 10 life

Gallic crowd to distend in the service of the 1st term in 10 lifeCountry Manager Francois Hollande speaks to pubescent soldiers as he visits the martial high school of Saint-Cyr-Coetquidan in Guer in advance delivering Novel Daylight’s wishes to Sculpturer Service in Guer, midwestern Author, Weekday, Jan. 14, 2016. (Damien Meyer, Tarn ikon via AP)

Town (AP) — Presidency Francois Hollande says Author purpose wax its whole few of personnel that assemblage first in 10 age, prompted alongside the ancillary security charmed mass the nocuous Town attacks.

Hollande aforementioned in a enunciation Weekday the defence budget desire arrive 32 1000000000000 euros ($34.7 million) in 2016 and the sum total digit of troop purposefulness be lift next to 2,300.

Writer’s combatant is affected in not too maneuver in foreign lands including the anti-IS alignment in Irak and Syria and counter-terrorism function in Continent’s Sahel district.

Most recent period the Sculpturer soldierly consisted of a full of 270,000 group, penniless from 343,000 in 2006.

Author cadaver subservient to a state of affairs of predicament since the Nov attacks that price 130 lives, with 13,000 horde deployed on its district to defend delicate and crushed areas.

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