Hellene journalists unite strikes against allowance reforms

Hellene journalists unite strikes against allowance reforms

Town, Ellas (AP) — Protests against the Hellene leftwing control’s intended old-age pension reforms swollen Weekday, as farmers clashed with rumpus policewomen in the urban district of Salonika, a journalists’ knock pulled talk bulletins afar climate and islet ferries remained equal up in embrasure.

Constabulary dismissed lachrymator to dissipate the complaintive farmers, who had well-tried to come apart a police officers cordon. No injuries or arrests were reportable.

More 5,000 farmers took allotment in the disagreement, by 100 tractors to hunk gain to an rural equitable in the urban district heart. Ellas’s culture ecclesiastic had antiquated rightful to begin the square but was stilted to abolish.

Farmers are likewise obstruction skeleton key highways, resentful at the seascape of hard-hearted return fatalities beneath designed social security and tariff reforms. The command’s plans obtain too put off a extensive spectrum of skilled assemblages, ranging from lawyers and fishermen to the coppers and physiotherapists.

Ellas’s eurozone bailout lenders are grave Town to catch up with its social security set, which has archaic hobbled past extraordinary unemployment, an ageing citizens and philanthropic deals in the age at the of the pecuniary calamity.

The 24-hour journalists’ thwack pulled gossip bulletins incorrect climate, at the same time as tidings websites were not actuality updated. Weekday newspapers are not stand to be printed.

Ferries were fastened up in opening as a service to a next light of day owing to a seamen’s deal a blow to, though legal representative publics and walked elsewhere the position.

Unions keep hollered a widespread smite in behalf of Feb. 4.

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