I Wonder How Much This Would Cost

I got the idea after this friend of mine was trying to figure out what to do for his anniversary. He married his high school sweetheart and the two of them have been married for twenty years, since the two of them graduated from college. At any rate he was showing me this web page, and talking about how much his wife would have loved it if they could manage such a place. He joked about starting a gofundme page so that all of his friends and family could kick in some money for the project. That was a joke, but these are some really nice places. They sell these villas and some of them sell for millions of euros, one of them goes for four million euros and I think that a Euro is worth a good bit more than a dollar. That really is not something that I have to worry about, since I could not afford to pay a quarter as much for a house that I was living in all year round.
However I was thinking about going over there, I know that Anna would really love it and I am sure that they make nice little places for people who are less than wealthy. Of course I would want some place that was both quiet and also close to places where you could have a good time after dark. Anna loves to dance and that is something that needs to be on the agenda. Of course I figure that the trip is so long that it makes no sense to go over there and not stay for a bit. The trip to London is going to take up an entire day I would guess, and you are not going to be in great shape for a bit longer.

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