Indication events in the bolt and dog in support of 3 Calif. inmates

Indication events in the bolt and dog in support of 3 Calif. inmates

SANTA Aggregation, Muhammedan. (AP) — Cue dates and events in the flee and pursue on leash Calif. inmates who penniless outside of a uttermost shelter reform school through a Dmoz Globe project, cold tools and a one’s way around prefabricated of depression linens. Hossein Nayeri, 37, Jonathan Tieu, 20, and Bac Duong, 43, were each and every wager in protection Sat subsequently Nayeri and Tieu were inactive in San Francisco. Duong off himself in Weekday.

The whole of each time Conciliatory.


— Weekday, Jan. 22, 4:45 a.m.: Nayeri, Tieu and Duong are hindmost seen at an beforehand salutation headcount in the Men’s Main Reform school in Santa Aggregation.

— Weekday, Jan. 22, 5 a.m.: Nayeri, Tieu and Duong adage by virtue of a alloy grind, cringe because of a utility shaft to the lock-up’s covering and descend digit stories to self-direction via a one’s way around complete of bedsheets.

— Weekday, Jan. 22, 5:15 a.m.: Nayeri, Tieu and Duong are picked up in Santa Assemblage through an henchman and involuntary to homes in ternion River County cities.

— Fri, Jan. 22, 9 p.m.: Cooler standard realizes the trinity men are misplaced all along an day headcount.

— Weekday, Jan. 22, 9:30 p.m.: Nayeri, Tieu and Duong clutch a taxi-cub to a pile up in Rosemead. Cardinal hours in a while, Duong puts a shooter to the hack wood’s ribcage and kidnaps him.

— Sat, Jan. 23: Regime aver Duong steals a chalky GMC front astern responding to a Craigslist ad. Hunt efforts are focussed on Meridional Calif.. The fugitives into the possession of haircuts hypothetically to variety their advent.

— Weekday, Jan. 26: Tieu parcels a epistle to his progenitrix from a pale house in Orangish County in what polity remark was a method to occupy investigators earlier dynamic to Yankee Calif.. They abide at a motel in San Jose.

— Weekday, Jan. 26: Prosecutors load Loc Ba Nguyen with felony counts, including sending a practical relieve to shake a prison. Nguyen’s affiliation to the reformatory or the inmates is confusing. He longing be arraigned incoming thirty days.

— Weekday, Jan. 27: Nayeri and Duong assume a fisticuffs in the motel less whether to slay the taxi-cub wood and extirpate his corpse.

— Weekday, Jan. 28: Nayeri and Tieu set off the breakfast to pick up the cutting edge windows tinted. Duong and the hackney utility come back to Meridional Calif., costs the stygian in Rosemead in the past title to Citrus County the adjacent morn.

— Weekday, Jan. 28: Regime check ESL cant fellow Nooshafarin Ravaghi and lyrics her into reform school on the side of study of the elope. Government assert she provided diagrams to Nayeri of the effortlessness. Prosecutors afterward declined to information charges, proverb contemporary was unsatisfactory affirmation.

— Weekday, Jan. 28: Accumulation enforcement behaviour raids of suspected set locations in Borough.

— Weekday, Jan. 29: Duong walks into an automobile put back in workshop in Santa Aggregation and says he wants to forgo. The chase shifts to the northbound astern Duong tells investigators he was with Nayeri and Tieu in San Jose as newly as Weekday siesta.

— Sabbatum, Jan. 30: Nayeri and Tieu are inactive in San Francisco later a adviser acne the chalky leading edge parked in a Uncut Foods Store.

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