Magyarorszag rule sides with hackney drivers against Uber

Magyarorszag rule sides with hackney drivers against UberBudapest taxis drivers slab transport as they protestation taxing a prohibition on Uber in downtown Budapest, Magyarorszag, Jan. 18, 2018. Surplus 100 taxis plugged 1 in downtown Budapest as drivers demanded a bar on Uber and else ride-hailing apps. The lily-livered vehicles from a number of taxicab companies plugged incorrect a indication convergence away St. Writer’s Basilica in the European funds, deed important transportation delays. Banderole discovers in Magyar: ?Prohibit Uber!? (AP Print/Bela Szandelszky)

BUDAPEST, Magyarorszag (AP) — The European authority says it supports minicab drivers in their protestation against ride-hailing apps similar to Uber.

Officials believed Wed they would give rise to consultation with drivers to rough sketch government aimed at centralizing regulations representing taxis and added fare services, resembling Uber.

Uber whispered in a averral that it welcomed the command’s pose approximately the lack in behalf of “a novel, up to date dogmatic support” and as well welcomed the time to chip in in the discussion.

Conditions Escritoire Bence Tuzson, nonetheless, told Ugrian situation talk cable MTI that Uber would not be invitational to the convention and that it could be illegal if it did not courtesy the laws.

Since Mon, lots of 1 drivers take antediluvian obstruction far-off a handful lanes of a passkey junction in downtown Budapest insistent that regime debar Uber.

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