Relations of spouse killed in shock pounce upon files claims

Relations of spouse killed in shock pounce upon files claims

SAN BERNARDINO, Moslem. (AP) — Kith and kin cuts of a lady-love killed in the San Bernardino set are in search of $204 gazillion in compensation in tierce claims against the county.

The sire, stepmother and fille of 27-year-old Sierra Clayborn filed claims of carelessness and against the law demise against San Bernardino County on Weekday. They additionally charge the county of raising a loath business atmosphere and flaw to accommodate a out of harm’s way agency.

The claims are a harbinger to a cause.

County spokesman King Wert believed in a declaration Weekday that “the county liking cautiously over apiece assertion and operation in the superb interests of the whole world affected.”

Acquaintances described Clayborn as convivial and emeritus, swift to tender an inspiriting little talk and enthused round her industry as a haleness checker.

The Clayborns are the second-best next of kin to information claims stemming from the killing. Earliest that period, the woman of 37-year-old Archangel Wetzel filed cardinal claims against the county on the lookout for compensation of $58 gazillion in behalf of her and the pair’s threesome children.

Clayborn and Wetzel were surrounded by 14 group killed in the Dec. 2 murder, the deadliest strike at on U.S. smear since Phratry. 11, 2001.

The deuce shooters — county environmental robustness professional Syed Rizwan Farook and his better half, Tashfeen Malik — were killed in a shot conflict with police officers.

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