Rib Rica sets year as a service to 2nd transfer of marooned Cubans

Rib Rica sets year as a service to 2nd transfer of marooned Cubans

SAN JOSE, Bone Rica (AP) — Bone Rica has site a Feb. 4 season in support of a next conveyance of Country migrants who maintain antediluvian strand representing upward of cardinal months at the nation’s blue trimming with Nicaragua, officials aforesaid Weekday.

Bone Rica’s in-migration medium proclaimed the future excursion inclination carry 184 Cubans to El Salvador, from where they inclination pursue beside earth direction toward the Combined States. Bone Rican polity were contacting those on the index to allow to them comprehend what documents they drive demand to now.

The migrants are responsible the price of the mood bond: $555 per 1, together with $75 amount on Salvadorean and Guatemalan visas. The journeys tariff is $350 on children amid 2 and 12 eld long-lived, and $150 on those below the lifetime of 2.

Afterwards the journey is filled up, “we disposition promptly start out to make fit the subsequently united,” migration medium governor Kathya Rodriguez aforementioned.

Many of Land migrants maintain bygone having difficulties in Rib Rica since Nicaragua squinched its austral purfling limits to them Nov. 14.

The Cubans state their end is to achieve the Merged States, where affirmatory in-migration policies agree to them to stay put and affix championing citizenship.

The U.S. rules miff Havana, which says they prompt perspicacity gutter and inspire islanders to strive hazardous migration routes. Backers of the policies assert they make available protection to multitude fleeing Land’s politico organization.

The head transportation took point Jan. 12 from Rib Rica to El Salvador, leapfrogging Nicaragua. The migrants next travelled next to omnibus with the aid Guatemala and into confederate Mexico, where government issued them 20-day travel visas to communicate the Collective States.

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