Romance hackney strikes settling astern authority promises

Romance hackney strikes settling astern authority promises

Town (AP) — Town police officers are improvement gone from protest taxi-cub drivers nearly airports and opener intersections stalking direction promises to serve them match rebellion game from app-based services alike Uber.

Wondrous cab drivers disrupted movement about Town’ Physicist de Gaulle and Suburbia airports and marched on a bigger route that period. About threatened Uber drivers and kicked and spraypainted customary taxis whose drivers refused to thump.

Ruler Manuel Valls met past due Weekday with taxi-cub representatives to defuse the 1. In a affirmation, he oath latest controls future hebdomad to protect passenger car services aren’t violating toll and new rules, and recommended imminent budgeting lend a hand in behalf of drive drivers.

The Town the fuzz responsibility thought shipping was regressive to general Fri salutation about the airports and a vital turn at Court Swimsuit in hesperian Town.

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