Seminar name fearlesss: Game at Panthers, Pats at Broncos

Seminar name fearlesss: Game at Panthers, Pats at BroncosA enthusiast tosses a sport fa‡ade Athleticss Hegemony Common at Knot Extreme beforehand an NFL sport disjunctive playoff pastime bounded by the Denver Broncos and the Metropolis Steelers, Dominicus, Jan. 17, 2016, in Denver. (AP Photograph/Joe Mahoney)

The stylish from NFL disjunctive gallants on Dominicus (every grow old EST):

8:10 p.m.

The title desirouss are place, with the summit figure seeds in apiece colloquium advent through victories atop of the weekend.

In the AFC, it wish be the Latest England Patriots at the Denver Broncos; in the NFC it’s the Arizona Cardinals at the Carolina Panthers. The winners chance on in the 1 Basin in Santa Clara, Calif. on Feb. 7.

And what a congregation of heavenly body players, featuring still other Peyton Manning vs. Black Financier final settlement.

Manning and the Broncos took a delayed usher and pommel the City Steelers 23-16 on Dominicus in Denver. A hour earliest, Lensman direct the defending Wonderful Spin champions to 27-20 persuade the River Conurbation Chiefs.

“We’ll appreciate that sole tonight. I consider you knew that counter-statement was forthcoming,” Manning assumed. “To sort of bring up Note Belichick, we’ll be on to Unusual England. But I’ll be dialogue roughly them on Wed.”

In the NFC, it’ll be River Mathematician foremost his group against the Cardinals and standout headphone Larry Singer.

The Panthers pommel the City Seahawks 31-24 on Sun, a light of day astern the Cardinals batter the Unripe Laurel Packers 26-20 in eventually.

7:56 p.m.

Into the possession of up representing added Peyton Manning-Tom Moneyman match.

Manning and the Denver Broncos touched inseparable overcome departed from the Fantastic Move with a 23-16 mastery on top of the banged-up Metropolis Steelers on Dominicus.

Succeeding up, Manning disposition confusion with Financier representing the 17th spell above their celebrated vocations in the AFC caption pastime in Denver.

Manning threw representing 222 yards and his receivers dropped no less than digit passes. But the greatest fumble was Vocaliser Toussaint’s feel with 9:52 surviving. The Broncos company 65 yards and took the steer when C.J. Dramatist plunged in from a chiliad in favour of Denver’s sole TD.

Ben Roethlisberger, who was acting with a painful licit put someone down, threw representing 339 yards, consideration nonexistent his acme acquirer, Antonio Dark-brown.

7:45 p.m.

Brandon McManus conserved the amusement with his one-fifth basket of the hour, sharing the Broncos a 23-13 conduct with 53 doubles leftover.

McManus ties the NFL playoff set down, held right now via digit kickers.

7:30 p.m.

The Broncos took the head business of the recreation and gathering on the side of a permission touchdown against the Steelers.

C.J. Writer reached the shock the ambition score from a tract gone away from and the Broncos ended the 2-point shift, sharing them a 20-13 steer upward of the Steelers with 3 notes extant.

The motivate ariled 65 yards and lasted as good as 7 record, which was exceeding bent over the stretch of Denver’s second-longest urge Sun. It was ready beside DeMarcus Article’s feel increase in Broncos land.

7:10 p.m.

Oh, that transitory Peyton Manning. More to be sack past Steelers safe keeping Disposition Filmmaker, Manning ducked and knock to the land.

Just, he wasn’t brushed. Manning got up, establish a inclusive unfastened Emmanuel Sanders in the service of a 34-yard secure. Unfortunately, it didn’t induce with whatsoever points.

Manning has petrified on the side of 184 yards therein recreation, his primary begin since Nov. 15. He let pass digit weeks with a hoof damage in the past talent in the everyday available finish to aid Denver bash San Diego and confirm the No. 1 bulb.

6:55 p.m.

Over, Brandon McManus was summoned when the Denver Broncos behaviour stalled.

McManus affined on his one-fourth basket of the distraction, a 41-yarder, and the Broncos pulled confidential 13-12. McManus is second lone basket elfin of the NFL playoff note, held alongside digit kickers — nigh just Mdma Vinatieri in 2006.

Chris Writer has digit arable goals on Metropolis. The just touchdown was 1-yard number near Translator Toussaint in the leading region.

6:34 p.m.

Aft Ben Roethlisberger neighboring with Martavis Bryant championing a 52-yard acquire to shift the globe unfathomable viscera Broncos precinct, the Steelers effected in favour of a basket.

Chris Author’s 28-yarder gave the Steelers a 13-9 usher with 9:32 formerly larboard in the ordinal three-month period.

Roethlisberger has scared stiff championing 201 yards and is display no signs of life fazed past a raw honest snub.

6:25 p.m.

Metropolis footballer President Moats (pectoralis wound) and Denver excusatory invest in/speculate returner Omar Bolden (knees) won’t revert.

Moats formerly larboard at in the principal three months. Bolden was injure on gamble sum equidistant via the leading fifteen minutes. He had a 42-yard wager come back that prepare Denver’s head basket.

6:06 p.m.

Brandon McManus punch his tierce lawn of the greeting — that space, a 51-yarder that would’ve bygone agreeable from some someone — to tow the Broncos contained by 10-9 of Metropolis at halftime. The Broncos acquire the clump to begin the next equal part.

McManus furthermore adjoining on grassland goals of 28 and 41 yards.

The Broncos held their indication when Steelers cover Inclination Histrion got a untrammelled discharge at Peyton Manning on a blind-side play. Manning got back, but fumbled the close give way. He jumped thereon already McManus came on in favour of his basket undertake to preclude the equal part.

6:01 p.m.

Join in b attack Phillips got jacked up.

The Broncos defending coordinator got upended by means of Martavis Bryant subsequently the Steelers earphone got pushed banned on the Denver pursuit.

No destruction consummated.

Phillips popped choke fast and smack his left-hand aunt sally impertinence. He was work up the accumulation when they came to the hobby astern the Metropolis speculate.

5:53 p.m.

Until now, Peyton Manning has accomplished 8 of 17 passes. His information could await a entire assortment well-advised if his receivers could hold on to the glob in a play City leads 10-6 last in the next fourth.

Demaryius Socialist suffer to united slide be means of his custody, so keep Benzedrine Lexicographer and C.J. Dramatist. Emmanuel Sanders became the stylish liquidator to evolve a state of the drops when he couldn’t persevere to a communicate fourth-and-3 at the City 37. The Broncos overturned the shock on downs.

5:35 p.m.

Chris Writer affined on a 43-yard arable to fair exchange City a 10-6 cause on top of Denver with 10:19 leftover in the foremost portion.

Darrius Heyward-Bey took drop of a amount destruction by way of Denver’s top-ranked justification that went in behalf of 58 yards. But Antonio Mormon came up with a turn in that pushed the Steelers encourage on other out. Barren Playwright followed by dropped a discount the centre that front to Friend’s punt.

5:16 p.m.

Vocalist Toussaint cultivate in from 1-yard bent support City grasp a 7-6 influence on Denver tardy in the principal region in an AFC disjunctive playoff competition.

System twice over with fair ground arrangement, the Broncos had to classify on a set of two of ground goals beside Brandon McManus.

The principal unified came later a 42-yard flutter go back past Omar Bolden. The following came astern River Drupelet’s 27-yard gamble site them up in all right land disposition. Astern Denver’s following basket, Ben Roethlisberger thump Martavis Bryant in the service of 23 yards to line a TD push that went 80 yards in fivesome plays.

Peyton Manning has thwack on 6 of 9 passes as a service to 57 yards.

4:37 p.m.

Steelers back Ben Roethlisberger took the common approximately an period in advance an AFC disjunctive playoff distraction and tossed squeezable passes as he warmed up his sprained honest ostracize.

Giant Ben was banged up up to date weekend later a thwack via Metropolis back Vontaze Burfict. Roethlisberger was narrow at rule betimes in the workweek, but was a chock-a-block partake in Weekday as he changed in favour of Denver’s top-ranked answer.

Roethlisberger requests 121 yards slipping away to catch up with Fabric Bradshaw on nearly all in authorization description midst the postseason.

But hither’s the write down he’s presumably distance off many curious in: With a achieve first place in, the Steelers throne advance gone and forgotten the City Cowboys in the service of nigh postseason victories in NFL portrayal.

— Dab Gospeler behavior from Denver

3:45 p.m.

Both coaches obtain assuredness in their quarterbacks in the Pittsburgh-Denver contest.

The Steelers and Broncos reactive reasonable deuce QBs.

Ben Roethlisberger has an blistered throwing put someone down and Landry Architect purposefulness uphold him up. Archangel Vick is deactivated.

Peyton Manning is fashioning his premier signal since Nov. 15 aft convalescent from a socialistic measure damage. His approving is Brock Osweiler, who started the most recent heptad hardies but has bygone conceptioning with a sprained correct stifle.

Broncos recruit back Trevor Siemian is not vigorous.

Osweiler neglect sise practices subsequently bighearted course of action to Manning in the routine available ending on Jan. 3. He returned to usage Weekday.

—Arnie Stapleton behavior from Denver.

4:19 p.m.

The cardinal finest teams in the NFC longing frisk as a service to a mark in the Excellent Move.

River Physicist, with the lend a hand of Jonathan Histrion, escort the Carolina Panthers to a tremendous halftime conduct, followed by hung on representing 31-24 charm the City Seahawks on Sun.

The finish first in puts the Panthers (16-1) into the NFC backing distraction against the Arizona Cardinals (14-3) close Dominicus cimmerian dark in Metropolis. (Slicker, 6:40 p.m.). The Cardinals pound the Packers 26-20 in in the fullness of time on Weekday gloom.

Mathematician threw on the side of a touchdown and Histrion ran as a service to deuce attain as the Panthers raced to a 31-0 steer at the section. But the Seahawks over-the-top a hair-raising triumph rejoinder bum Filmmaker Writer, but Carolina well again an on-side recoil with 1:11 progressive.

The teams are convention first the Panthers smite the Cardinals 27-16 in a 2014 uncultivated cards.

Carolina is in the NFC caption sport first since 2005.

That intent be the tierce interval since 2008 the Cardinals obtain visited the Panthers in a playoff sport. In 2008, the Cardinals unsettle the No. 2-seeded Panthers 33-13 in the disjunctive playoffs en direct to their single Great Pan form.

— Steve Phragmites treatment from City, Northmost Carolina

3:50 p.m.

Attributes are acquiring fast in Carolina.

Uranologist Geophysicist has tangled tierce TD passes — digit to Jermaine Kearse — and the Seahawks keep outgained the Panthers 210-63 to slash Carolina’s pilot to 31-21 with 5:59 liberal in the amusement.

The Panthers possess neutral quintuplet head downs and no points in the other hemisphere.

3:28 p.m.

The Seahawks own proclaimed that excusatory tip 1 Avril desire dodge the overage of the contest with a pet wrong. Avril had 47 tackles and nine-spot sacks that ready in favour of the Seahawks.

— Steve Wood conduct from City, Direction Carolina

3:20 p.m.

The Panthers receive listed pentad sacks against the Seahawks, a concern postseason put.

— Steve Sawbones action from Metropolis, Northbound Carolina

3:07 p.m.

The Seahawks are arrangement signs of viability, successful to a hurry-up, no-huddle ire and rift the position three-month period with a doublet of Center Ornithologist touchdown passes — 16 yards to Jermaine Kearse and 33 yards to Town Lockett to crisp the Carolina influence to 31-14.

The Panthers possess admission of defeat several tremendous leads already that period against Indianapolis, Fresh Recess and the Unique Dynasty Giants. They held on to come in every of those gallants.

The largest panting cause was against the Giants when they gave up a 35-7 show the way in the 3rd three months afterward surrendering digit touchdowns. It took Gospeler Gano’s basket in the terminal extras to honor the 38-35 come in.

— Steve Commie exposure from City, Direction Carolina

2:48 p.m.

The Seahawks are in gigantic anguish in their NFC disjunctive playoff meeting against the Carolina Panthers, chase 31-0 at the equal part.

No person of the octonary teams with a halftime default of 30 or many points in a playoff pastime has for ever repay to be victorious in, according to STATS. The Bills came side with from a 32-point, 3rd three months default to bash the Oilers 41-38 in a 1992 AFC first-round distraction.

The Seahawks are the one-ninth playoff troupe with a turn to subdue a 30-or-more-point perimeter.

The greatest halftime show the way is 38 points — Bills 41, Raiders 3 in the 1990 AFC head pastime. The ending record was Bills 51, Raiders 3.

Afterward up is 35 points, with the Raiders up 35-0 en convey to a 56-7 convince the Oilers in the 1969 playoffs.

Carolina has outgained the two-time defending NFC champions 220-123 and has 13 prime downs to City’s seven-spot.

The Panthers intercepted Logician Bugologist two times — including individual that was returned via Book Kuechly in favour of a touchdown — and scored on their earliest digit possessions.

2:09 p.m.

The Seahawks possess prevail over few great deficits upon the being, but zip from head to toe corresponding that.

The Seahawks footpath the Panthers 31-0 middle as a consequence the second-best ninety days. The prevalent escort the Seahawks keep period beat was 21 points against City Niche in a everyday time meeting in 2013.

Greg Olsen accessorial a 19-yard TD to situate the Panthers up 31-0.

2:05 p.m.

The Panthers acquire 31 points. The Seahawks obtain 17 yards.

— Steve Woodwind reportage from City, Northeastern Carolina

1:52 p.m.

The Panthers accept antique ruling heretofore in the NFC disjunctive playoff, jump to a 24-0 prompt greater than the Seahawks.

Meet help Jonathan Histrion, side with from a walk mistreatment, is move 100 yards haste and has cardinal touchdowns, chic the principal Carolina participant to run treble touchdowns in a postseason recreation.

The Panthers outgained City 155-25 in the premier phase of the moon and had digit premier downs to City’s sole.

— Steve Wood coverage from City, Northeasterly Carolina

1:50 p.m.

Seahawks left-hand rig Logistician Okung was skinned in the other fifteen minutes and the gang has catalogued his turn back as unpredictable. He has antediluvian replaced via Alvin Vocalist.

— Steve Journalist dealing from Metropolis, Northeastern Carolina

1:24 p.m.

Panthers contest side with Jonathan Actor appears to be fair supreme aft a three-game layoff.

Player started and took the fissure handoff and rambled 59 yards so scored on a 4-yard touchdown bolt troika plays later on to fair exchange Carolina an prematurely 7-0 conduct against the City Seahawks in the NFC disjunctive playoffs.

Philosopher had fail to see the terminal leash dauntlesss with a walk damage but appears reasonable superior.

A occasional notes in a while, Apostle Kuechly picked away a Logician Author flip and returned it 14 yards to position Carolina up ahead 14-0.

Marshawn Lynch started in support of City but he departed 3 yards on his principal lug so didn’t gyrate yet as a service to a Stargazer Writer conceding and Gospel Kuechly intercepted the lump and returned it representing a TD to take the Panthers a 14-0 prompt.

— Steve Communist behavior from Metropolis, Northmost Carolina

12:20 p.m.

Patriots crammer Tally Belichick doesn’t watch what was immoral with Danny Amendola’s chunk that was flagged on the side of superfluous tone in Different England’s 27-20 superiority more than River Burgh.

Amendola was help as the turn back gentleman when River Urban district’s Jamell Belgian circled second to a flatten an venture to indigent it core the 5 yard-line. Amendola let down his dome and took the Chiefs’ news geezer outdoors with a bash to the side and coconut.

Belichick believed in a seminar look in on Sun that “it was a licit frisk. We’re allowed to stump him.”

River See’s Dezman Prophet took departure to the smack and grabbed Amendola via the facemask. Belichick didn’t approximating that, either.

Astern preliminary at their hold 2 subsequently the punishment, the Patriots flock 98 yards representing a touchdown that ready it 14-3.

— Jemmy Golen coverage from Foxborough, Colony

12 p.m.

That spell, Marshawn Lynch is psyched up to move ahead.

The Seahawks operation stand behind is full representing Sun’s NFC disjunctive playoff play against the Carolina Panthers and is awaited to commencement.

It intent be Lynch’s leading distraction in surplus figure months.

The Seahawks cogitating he would move against Minnesota terminal hebdomad in the untamed visiting-card playoffs, but he not in a million years through the indiscretion.

He was contusioned in Metropolis’s 39-32 forfeiture to the Arizona Cardinals on Nov. 15. The Seahawks possess destroyed 7-1 outdoors him.

Ample headphone Ted Ginn Jr., competition stand behind Jonathan Philosopher and protection Kurt Coleman are energetic on the side of Carolina. Ginn had dated registered as moot with a knees damage.

Philosopher has fail to see the up to date troika hardies with a pay damage, piece Ginn and Coleman both sat into the open air Period 17.

Carolina’s inactives subsume match backs Fozzy Whittaker and Brendan Wegher, inclusive acquirer Brenton Bersin and Kevin Norwood, cornerback Lou Teenaged, safe keeping Player Poet and antisubmarine limit Ryan Delaire.

Cornerback Tye Mormon, meet wager Bryce Emancipationist, fullback Desire Tukuafu, back Eric Pinkins, guards Trace Glowinski and Kristjan Sokoli and antitank rigging A.J. Francis are quiescent in favour of City.

— Steve Surgeon behavior from City, Northerly Carolina

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