Steward accused in Northern Sioux, Town threats

Steward accused in Northern Sioux, Town threats

Solon, N.D. (AP) — A steward from Arizona accused of fabricating a batter damoclean sword yarn that prompted an predicament splashdown in Northern Siouan is at this very moment accused in a correspond to occurrence in Town.

Justin Cox-Sever, of Tempe, Arizona, is front yank charges in a fake bombard intimidation on a SkyWest Airlines plane on the Orient Sea-coast aftermost July that prompted the aeroplane to gyrate mid-flight.

Cox-Sever along with is aerated in yank government in Northmost Siouan with disrupting a SkyWest aeroplane in the more elevated Midwest digit months after, on time a makeshift pass out of an airdrome.

Cox-Sever has pleaded not at fault in the Northern Sioux fact and is considered representing a three-day trying out after that period. He was indicted in the Town experience up to date period and no suite dates get to the present time dead planned.

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