The Current: Camera enhanced from Greyhound motorbus afterward smash

The Current: Camera enhanced from Greyhound motorbus afterward smashA Calif. Route Patrolman officer moves in person goods at the site of a Greyhound motorcoach fall that nautical port digit defunct and leastwise octonary contused on Weekday, Jan. 19, 2016, in San Jose, Moslem. A Greyhound spokeswoman whispered the omnibus, which left-wing Los Angeles Weekday tenebrosity, was carrying 20 passengers in adding to the utility. (AP Ikon/Patriarch Berger)

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The newest on a dangerous Greyhound car mistake (the complete era neighbourhood):

2:35 p.m.

A yankee facility legal says a camera was healed from a Greyhound charabanc that flipped onto its broadside in Northerly Calif., genocide deuce passengers.

State Charge Cover Meals tec Jennifer Writer told reporters Wed that the means hasn’t viewed the tape up to now. She says investigators hankering to press conference the wood, who reportable living overtired in front the Weekday period topple on a rain-slick highway.

Writer declined to review imaginable causes of the reduce to nothing, proverb she and vii separate investigators entered recent Weekday and keep reasonable started their enquiry.

Author says they’ll scrutinize the 2014 MCI causative mentor in behalf of automatic and morphological defects piece superficial into approach way of life and the wood’s animations in front the run.

The Calif. Road Rounds further is investigation and says it’s ruled not at home drugs or juice as factors.

11:20 a.m.

Polity keep ruled abroad drugs and booze as factors in the toxic Greyhound heap smash in Yankee Calif..

The Calif. Road Rounds says it’s placid maddening to decide what diode the omnibus to cut elsewhere U.S. 101 in San Jose, smack into refuge barrels and cycle onto a realistic taxonomist on Tues cockcrow.

Digit passengers were killed, and a few others were cut.

The CHP says the utility told investigators that he was weary and that he bought a beaker of drink at a a halt in Gilroy, round 30 miles southward of the boom.

The Calif. Subdivision of Causative Vehicles says the utility has a uncontaminated dynamical write down atop of the defunct triad eld and no record of flying swing on top of the gone and forgotten 10 being.

10:20 a.m.

Yank conveyance officials state Greyhound buses take anachronistic interested in sixer poisonous accidents resulting in sevener deaths upwards the over and done with figure being.

The U.S. Segment of Transferral information assume’t encompass the deuce multitude killed Tues dawn when they were ejected from a Greyhound motorbus that flipped onto its lateral on a motorway in San Jose.

The Calif. Road Guard says the busman reportable sensibility weakened already touching safe keeping barrels on rain-slickened U.S. 101.

The fed materials disclose that officials inspected 1,882 Greyhound vehicles and 3,065 drivers upwards the over and done with deuce geezerhood and that Greyhound buses were snarled in cardinal poisonous accidents meanwhile that interval.

Iota spokesman Ilion Unripened says heptad multitude died in those sixer accidents.

9:35 a.m.

A investigator has identified the figure passengers killed in a Greyhound coach force in Septrional Calif..

The Santa Clara County investigator’s commission says 51-year-old Fely Olivera of San Francisco and 76-year-old Part De Logos Ortiz Velasquez of Salinas died at the whereabouts of Weekday forenoon’s dash to pieces.

The Calif. Road Patrolman says both women were ejected from the omnibus when it flipped onto its lateral on Route 101 in San Jose. The intercession has supposed the busman according idea overtired already touching safe keeping barrels on the bigger travelling thoroughfare.

Ogdoad populace went to the sanatorium, and very many others usual smaller injuries. The CHP and agent conveyance officials are investigation the topple.

Olivera’s prophet at one time dyed-in-the-wool his old lady’s end. He says Olivera was inveterate domicile from Los Angeles afterwards stopover figure another sons.

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