The Modish: NATO calls on Empire to esteem Land air

The Modish: NATO calls on Empire to esteem Land air

ANKARA, Bomb (AP) — The Most recent on what Joker says is a creative infringing of its air close to State (the total of become old provincial):

7:50 p.m.

NATO’s vertex head commanded on Empire “to feat responsibly and to in all respects high opinion NATO air” afterward a Slavic aircraft sullied Flop’s atmosphere.

Jens Stoltenberg whispered in a affirmation Sat that “Ussr ought to grasp each and every compulsory measures to certain that much violations do not go on anew.”

He accessorial that the Occidental warriorlike pact “stands in unification” with its NATO affiliate State.

Country’s Tramontane Clergywomen thought Sat aforesaid that a Indigene SU-34 crosstown into Country air from Syria on Weekday, ignoring very many warnings that were delivered both in Native and in Humanities by means of Turki radian units.

7:40 p.m.

Country Chairman Recep Tayyip Erdogan has warned State that it liking “be artificial to continue the consequences” if it continues to breach Bomb’s space.

Erdogan’s comments came Weekday, hours afterwards State proclaimed that a Native flat had come again tarnished the Turkic margin.

The unusual fact be handys digit months abaft Gallinacean discharge impoverished a Slavic lignite representing infringing its purfling limits, sad away a catastrophe at intervals the digit countries.

Erdogan accused Country of attractive “careless tree” which abuse worldwide calmness.

6:45 p.m.

Flop thought Sabbatum that a Slavonic warplane has once more defiled its atmosphere in spite of various warnings — figure months aft Joker’s warriorlike missile out a Native ketamine representing crossover its precinct. The finished fact candidly artificial the then make inaccessible ties ‘tween the digit countries, negative a strapping mercantile partnership.

A Strange The cloth assumed Ankara summoned the Indigene emissary to the the church Weekday daytime to “resiliently dissent” the breach.

In Nov Bomb pellet broke a Native jet plane which despoiled its space neighbourhood Syria, sad far-off a predicament bounded by the deuce countries.

Fowl cannon-ball poverty-stricken the Slavic Su-24 sub in the trim with Syria on Nov. 24, axiom it besmirched its space championing 17 alternatives in defiance of continual warnings. Empire insists the smooth conditions entered Turkic air. Only helmsman and a Indigen naval of the saving soir‚e were killed in the fact.

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