We Finally Sold the House and Moved into a Nice Luxury Apartment

We wanted to sell our home. I did not want to cut another blade of grass, and my wife was tired of planting the flower beds and doing the weeding. We used to enjoy making our home nice, but the neighborhood has changed. A lot of people have moved out over the years and some have passed on. Landlords got hold of the properties and rented to anyone. They do not take care of the places like we do ours. We started looking for apartments for rent in Salt Lake City. We liked the idea of access to things we enjoy and having a much less home upkeep centered lifestyle. We had no problem with downsizing, especially since we pretty much only used about half of our house now that the kids are grown.

The grandkids like to visit, but they can visit in our new apartment. We decided to rent one of those nice apartments we had been seeing for a year. We were going to hold onto our house and maybe rent it ourselves. However, that would be a hassle and a half to have to fix it and manage a tenant. We sold the place and got top dollar for it. We kept it renovated and up to date over the years. Now we have a much nicer nest egg, and our lease on the new apartment ended up being very affordable. This is especially true now that we do not have to fix anything that breaks. And if you are or ever were a homeowner, you know how things break at the worst possible times.

Our new place has an exceptional courtyard, and we have controlled access through gates. At night there is a patrol that keeps an eye on things. This is a nice thing to have as we are getting older. We are not old enough to want to be living in a senior community, but we are old enough to not want the burden of keeping up a house any longer. Apartment living has been working out very well for us.

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